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International Migrants’ Day

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Since time immemorial, human beings have used migration as a way to either look for better lives or escaping persecution either political or religious.

Migration is a way of individuals overcoming adversity and to live a better life. Now, the advancement in communications and transportation, and globalisation has increased the number of people who have the desire and the capacity to move to other places to seek better living conditions.

This has certainly engendered new challenges which are getting more complex every other day. On the other hand, it has created more opportunities for societies throughout the world.

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Migration has also helped to underside the oneness of mankind and has served to portray the clear linkage between and among the people of the world.

The impact that migration has had on the economic wellbeing of people has also shown the relationship between it and development.

Due to the changing times however, coupled with security issues (both economic and political) more and more countries are seeking new ways to control migration.

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Migration is however a human phenomenon which cannot be easily controlled. The efforts should be intensified and redirected to helping people in less fortunate countries have opportunities to survive and have a good and dignified life rather than just seeking to use legislation and enforcement of security protocols.

The disasters that occur due to these control measures are too numerous to recount which should really be eye-openers for world leaders to tighten their belts and see that they bring in better and more meaningful ways of combating illegal and risky migration.

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