Jahankas issue stern warning against insulting tribe


The president of the Jahanka Youth Association in The Gambia, Alhaji Morro Sillah has issued a strong warning against insulting their tribe.

Alhaji Morro Sillah was speaking to The Standard following a viral WhatsApp audio released by one Omar Susso insulting the Jahankas including Alhaji Kang Madiba.

He said the Jahankas will not tolerate such from anyone again.


“I am speaking on behalf of all the Jahanka elders that it doesn’t matter if you are a politician, a preacher, a businessman or an individual, if anyone insults our elders ever again, we will deal with you. We will not even report it to the police because similar things have been reported and nothing has come out of it,” Alhaji Morro Sillah warned.

Omar Susso sparked a huge outrage in the Jahanka community when he insulted the Jahanka elders, their marabouts and heads of majaalis, while he was on a telephone conversation with someone he claimed angered him.

But according to Alhaji Morro Sillah, from The Gambia to Guinea Conakry, all the Jahankas have been hurt by the audio and are ready to even put a bounty as much as five million dalasis on Omar’s head.

“We will not accept this from anyone again. If this happens again, from anyone regardless of your position, we will march to your compound and burn it down. If we lay our hands on you, we will kill you and even kill your family. We are ready for the consequences of that. This is a unanimous agreement among all the Jahankas in the world,” Alhaji Morro Sillah, who’s based in Brikama Wellingara, said.