Jali Madi: On the cusp of greatness


Only a few but very meaningful words can be used to describe Madi Kanuteh known to many by his music sobriquet Jali Madi. He is a humble and quietly confident singer and instrumentalist blessed with abundant talent and ability to carry himself in an extremely appropriate manner, endearing him to music lovers.
Born in Latrikunda German in a popular griot family, Jali Madi is among few Gambian rappers whose music is listened to by both young and older people.

He is one of the most gifted singers of his generation and his Malian Mandinka brogue stands him out. He lists his father, Banna Kanuteh, Mali’s Salif Keita and Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour as his musical inspirations.
Starting out his musical career in 1999 with the rap group Askan bi, Jali Madi went on to release his first single in 2000 titled Mam Jarra produced by Hakim of Sunland Music.
In 2014 he successfully launched his debut album titled Gambia under Joluv Arts Entertainment. The 9-track album contains the hits, Gambia, Jarabi and Alalakay.

To demonstrate his prodigious talent, the guitar-strumming singer swings from hot dance numbers and deep soulful ballads.
Jali Madi has numerous songs to his credit and had performed in concerts with renowned Senegambian and international stars locally and abroad.
He is currently working on several projects.