Justice Amina Saho promoted to Appeal Court


Press Release

The Chief Justice and chairman of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Hassan Jallow, is pleased to announce that on the recommendation of the JSC, President Adama Barrow has appointed Justice Amina Saho-Ceesay as judge of the Court of Appeal, effective 1 June 2021.

Justice Saho-Ceesay began her judicial tenure in 2004 as a magistrate and has held various judicial offices, including the office of master of the high court in 2008 and judge of the high court in 2009. After a stint at the private bar, she was appointed high court judge in 2016 and continues to serve in that capacity as the most senior Gambian on the high court bench.


She is one of two judges presiding over the Pilot Virtual Courts, which were set up by the chief justice in the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic to use sustainable information technology for the just determination of proceedings together with the efficient use of available judicial and administrative resources. She also serves as a member of the General Legal Council (GLC), the statutory body charged with regulating the legal profession in The Gambia, a member of the Disciplinary Committee and chair of the Enrolment Committee of the GLC.

She has also taken up other assignments with distinction outside the judiciary as Overseer of The Gambia Law School between 2017-2018, lecturer of the Advocacy Skills Course at the said school, and as chairperson of the Complaints Review Board from 2016 to date- a mechanism for the review of complaints in the public procurement process. Off the bench, she heavily engages in projects for improving the administration of justice.

As a judge of the Court of Appeal, she together with her colleague justices of appeal, will hear and determine appeals from judgments, decrees and orders of the high court, and such other appellate jurisdiction as may be conferred on the court by an Act of the National Assembly.