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Kandeh blasts Gov’t


By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has accused President Barrow of being clueless about the direction of the country.
Speaking at a recent meeting with his supporters in the provinces, Kandeh said: “All Barrow’s fellow Coalition members in government are doing their own things, they are not the least interested in what should make Barrow and his government successful.”

Kandeh further alleged that none of the coalition partners wants to see President Barrow successful, “They want him to fail; they are all hungry for their own selfish interest and Barrow is watching them. What are they doing or saying, apart from collecting money and signing projects day after day? The country is sinking and they know it, but none of them is advising Barrow; they are all keeping quiet to allow the government to fail. But believe me if they think is only Barrow who is going to be held responsible they are wrong, because anything that happens, they will face the consequences together,” he stressed.

Kandeh said The Gambia is in very serious crisis that will require the intervention of all genuine Gambians, adding, “This is not the time for us to campaign or look for fame for our selfish interest. Let us put politics aside and focus on national development if not, this government will be worse than that of Jammeh.”
The GDC leader said the direction the country is heading is not the least promising. The Gambia and her people, he said do not deserve that.

Last night The Standard contacted director of press at State House Amie Bojang Sissoho for reactions on Kandeh’s criticisms but she refereed us to the Information Minister Demba Jawo who said he has not personally heard Kandeh’s comments but if the GDC leader’s comment, which does not seem to make sense at all, warrants a response the government will do so.

“In any case we expect Mr Kandeh to make statements that can be backed by evidence rather than wild and serious allegations. He would earn more respect in that way,” Minister Jawo said.

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