Kandeh tells GDC supporters to take faith


By Omar Bah

The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress, Mamma Kandeh, has said he accepted the outcome of Saturday’s National Assembly elections in which his party failed to win even a single seat.  He also urged his supporters to accept God’s will.

The GDC performed dismally in Saturday’s poll after failing to secure a single seat, including the two seats it held in Jimara and Niamina East.


“I am very proud of the party supporters and candidates throughout the country. I appreciate the amount of energy and efforts you invested in this election. It is unprecedented. I have never seen the party supporters putting this much effort towards the party and you have done all these for free. I appeal to all of you not to lose hope. We have done our best and the intention was to win but we have no control over the voters who have decided not to give us the chance this time around but let us leave everything to God,” he told supporters on Sunday.

Kandeh said the election will not define the future of the GDC.

“This will also pass because there is nothing that will last forever. I congratulate all those who are elected, especially those of the No Alliance, UDP, NRP and NPP. I am sure that some of the MPs will serve the country’s interest,” he said.