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Karpowership extends help to provincial Gambians

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Energy generating company Karpowership on Thursday presented rice and sugar to authorities in the North Bank and Lower River regions.
The presentations came a day after similar support was given to FaBB, the foundation set up by First Lady Fatou Bah-Barrow. A few weeks earlier, the company donated foodstuff amounting to a million dalasis to institutions in the country as part of its Covid-19 response.

The two regions which share extensive porous borders with Senegal are among the most vulnerable and hardest hit by the economic malaise from the fallout of the Covid-19 flu pandemic.

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Sixty-two 50kg bags of rice and sixty-two 50kg bags of sugar were handed over to the chairman of the Mansakonko Area Council, Landing Sanneh at his office in Soma.
In receiving the donation, Chairman Sanneh stated: “We want to thank Karpowership through the country manager [Yankuba Mamburay] for this very important gesture. There is a lot of support being given out across the country but only on very rare occasions do you see businesses, companies coming down to the rural regions to give support and this is where we have the most vulnerable people in the country. It takes a very good heart to give to needy people. This donation has been made to the Mansakonko Area Council Covid-19 Food Support Programme.”

In handing over the donated items, Country Manager Mamburay said: “Karpowership is in many countries because of the unique approach we have to electricity production.
We are the only company in the world that has floating power plants. We have a power plant mounted on a ship and wherever we are needed we just go, get connected. It’s a quick-fix solution that we have for the entire world. And wherever we go, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously as we believe in giving back to communities.”

From Soma, the Karpowership officials travelled to Kerewan, the regional capital of North Bank Region for a similar presentation.
While receiving the donated food items, NBR Governor Ebrima Dampha noted: “The magnitude of support [from Karpowership] is outstanding. We are very grateful.
Undoubtedly, the government cannot do it all and every little helps. Therefore we greatly appreciate the help from Karpowership to the people in this region during these very difficult times.”

Responding to the governor’s statement, Country Manager Mamburay said: “Since Karpowership came into the country, we have been able to stabilise the electricity supply. This is our history, this is our track record. But what we are doing here is not just electricity production. We are doing a lot of other things for the people that we serve as corporate social responsibility is highly regarded in the company.
“We have helped different sectors in the country since we came. We have spent millions of dalasis on the education sector, health sector, environment, fisheries, the needy and so forth.”

Meanwhile, officials at Karpowership have revealed that much-needed ventilators have already been procured and sent to The Gambia government.

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