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Assan Dampha

Assan Dampha, NPP
Date of birth: 20 September 1977 (44 years old)
Place of birth: Bakau
Residence: Bakau (Katchikally)
Occupation: Construction technician
Status: Married. Wife with four children
Tribe: Mandinka
Religion: Islam
Education: Senior Secondary School leaving certificate
Favourite pastimes: Watching football, painting, sculpturing

Why should the constituents vote for you instead of your opponent?
I have always been involved in youth work. I was the secretary general of the now defuct Katchikally Development Association. Both my parents are health workers. I have the education, the competence and the background to be elected as MP of Bakau. I liaise with the councillor here anytime there’s damage to the gutters and would use my own money to fix the problem.

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