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Late Papa Touray’s family concern about T-shirts bearing his picture

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By Omar Bah

The family of the late former United Democratic Party youth official, Papa Touray has condemned the growing printing and circulation of T-shirts bearing his picture.
The T-shirts making the rounds on social media are labeled with the message: “Papa Touray’s mission to be completed”.

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“We are very venerable Muslims and we don’t condone such. Anyone who is bent on doing these types of things will not get our approval,” said Alagie Edrissa Karaga on behalf of the family.

According to the family, anyone who wants to show sympathy can do so by visiting them family and praying for him.
The family is also calling on all Gambians to avoid buying, selling or wearing the T-shirts because it could only cause more sorrow for the family and has nothing to do with the family’s religious beliefs.

“This has really hurt the entire family because we were never consulted,” the family said. Papa Touray, a very popular youth member of the UDP and prominent member of the Sarehule community died in an accident a few weeks ago with two others.

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