LEKET REVELS IN AFRICELL PARTNERSHIP as star wrestler brings trophy from battlefront


Gambia’s sensation wrestling star Leket Bu Barra, an Africell endorsed sports giant has showed he is worthy of every trust and hope placed in him by Africell, the Gambia’s biggest GSM company who signed him as Ambassador.

One of his latest conquests was early this month when in a fierce fight Leket beat France of Banjul to lift the Youssou N’Dour trophy at the Independence Stadium.

Presenting the trophy to the management of Africell at its headquarters Thursday, Leket thanked the company for standing by him, promoting and inspiring him to go for greater heights. He said he relished his partnership with the company and will do his utmost to bring even greater glory.


Waka Jagne, PR and Events Manager responsible for endorsements  at Africell  who delivered the keynote speech at the ceremony, said Leket’s accomplishments  made  him a proud asset to be associated with and as a leading company, Africell encourages and supports creative talents  and excellence. ”Being a leader comes with responsibilily and that is why Africell as matter of principle adopts a doctrine in its social responsibility which states that ‘as we develop as a company, so shall the Gambia too as nation.’ We shall never waver from this responsiblity because we are aware of the need and ready to plough back to national resources that will open up talents and help young people realise their natural potential in all field, including sports which is a very powerful industry instrumental in national development,” Waka Jagne said. He revealed that wrestling, locally called Lamba has been traditionally connected with and popular among all tribes and ethnic groups in The Gambia but it has faded away and Africell wants to be part of the efforts to promote and revive it in The Gambia. Mr Jagne congratulated Leket and his team and assured them of Africell’s continuous support. ” You must always bear in mind that you are back by Africell a giant GSM company, a network that will never be out of reach, reception or service and one which caters for the need of all,” Waka told Leket and team. The company’s management led by Managing Director Hussein Diab (Sine) presented D50,000 to the wrestler as a token of appreciation for his recent victory.