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Letters: Coalition party supporters; you’re screwed over

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Dear editor,

The executive & supporters of PPP, NRP, PDOIS, GMC, GDGC, I do have a serious question to ask. First, I know the PDOIS position on this, so I am eliminating it from this.

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As for all the other parties that took part in forming the Coalition that gave Gambia the victory to kick Yahya Jammeh out, my question is, what have you gained from this political change? I’ll guess, not much or nothing at all.

When the heads of your parties were appointed cabinet ministers, back in 2017, they completely forgot about you.

At the very minimum, some of you should have been offered positions in this government, but you got nothing.

Your party leaders are selfish and only thought about their interest. Not yours.

The only person who really came through for his party is Ousainou Darboe.

From ambassadorships to senior civil servants, to government agencies, UDP got it’s supporters in top level position to run this government.

In a Coalition government, participating political parties are supposed to have something for their party functionaries, and other supporters.

In the abstract, they say politicians are selfish, but now you see and feel it in reality.

Mathew K Jallow





Peasant revolt vs Gambia government brutal-ism.

Dear editor,

In the history of civilization, Governments have always operated with a respectable fear for a possible citizen uprising or revolts. Such a fear was always backed into their calculations at implementing government policies.

In Africa and now Gambia , our Government somehow have operated with zero fear of their citizens, often with out right disregard for a possible citizen revolts.

The African citizen mind set of suffering and smiling will have to change Social unrest , social pressure in a civil society must be view as a necessary catalyst needed in the growing pain of any nations.

We as a people , our societies in Gambia or abroad , have to come around in our realization that social pressures , such as protest in all forms be it civil disobedience, sit down strikes, work stoppage, mass street protest to the ultimate nuclear option of citizen revolts with proverbial pitch forks , are all necessary component and ingredient for any secret sauce by a citizen conscious government.

When government function with a considered fear of their citizen , then such a nation will experience progressive improvements in the people quality of life .

Thus the need that we as a people, Gambian society in the collective, will have to figure out , how to flip the table on our government.

Our government should be more afraid of we the people as opposed to the status quo, the people afraid of our government.

Jouglen Nue Tahaw

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