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Letters: Hats off to Mamma Kandeh!


Dear editor,

By calling off his planned nation-wide tour to attend to the victims of the recent windstorm that has hit parts of URR and CRR, GDC’s Mamma Kandeh has again shown empathy which is an integral part of effective leadership.

The GDC leader has always been ahead of the Government when it comes to sympathizing and empathizing with victims of natural disasters. During previous natural disasters, Kandeh has taken the lead in reaching out to the victims and providing them with both moral and material support. On the other hand, the Government has come under sharp criticism for being too slow in its response to such adversities.

Press reports have indicated that the recent windstorm that hit URR and CRR has claimed lives, ravaged homes and devastated livelihoods in its wake.

According to the Point newspaper, the heavy windstorm has claimed the lives of three people in the Upper River Region (URR).

In the meantime, more than 1247 people have been displaced as a result of the windstorm. Fifty-six others have been reported injured in both URR and Central River Region (CRR).

Notwithstanding, the Disaster Management authorities are yet to tangibly address the situation leaving many wondering about the contingency plans in place.

Apart from an initial assessment of the situation, the officials are yet to provide urgently needed aid to the victims and no high-profile visit has been announced yet to the affected areas.

Our Government needs to be more proactive in dealing with issues affecting the citizenry to wind their hearts and minds.

In this context, some might argue that Kandeh’s move is politically motivated, and to those we say: We cannot judge intentions.

Only God can penetrate our hearts and know our intentions. Besides, politics is an art of winning people’s hearts and minds.

Basidia M Drammeh

Disclaimer: I am an independent observer; not a GDC member or supporter.

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