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Letters to the Editor

Gambia government is not a corporate company

Dear editor,
Applying for ministerial positions? That is crazy! Only in Gambia people applying for ministerial positions and seeking recommendation from political leaders. They undermine the spirit of democracy. Government is NOT a corporate company. This is insane.

That’s a Monty Pythons scenario! They undermine democratic processes increasing corruption and collision between private sector and the state as the golden boys would interchange position between the two sectors acting in favor of personal and corporate interests.

Such propositions make me sick. It’s a clear distortion of democracy. They are ready to sacrifice any democratic institution for getting less. This is pathetic. Stop those lunatic practices. Ministerial appointment is a constitutional requirement with absolute discretion, the president to appoint.

The shameless jostling for Cabinet positions is just sickening. Offices which are meant to be the highest call to service have been reduced to tribal or “Kabudu” tokens. Instead of a Cabinet for the country they will end up with a committee of sycophants; a congregation of clueless incompetents.

This is how the “JOKERRE ENDAM” AND “Terri KAFFO” philosophy ruins a country. The government is a carcass hence attracting vultures. They ought to retrace their steps back to sanity. Part of the problem with our Westminster culture is that it laughs at things that are commonplace in the outside world and in professional circles.

We have got to stop sneering at these ideas and say it is important that we make sure ministers are properly supported in their roles. Part of the reasoning of representative democracy and government is that “amateurs” can be appointed or elected, just as well as “professionals”, therefore a strong and well trained civil service of vocational professionals is a must in a democratic state.

A civil service is there to advise its amateur ministers, to make sure they do not accidentally break the law. Pity successive governments have been doing their all to weed out civil servants who she either too much intelligence, professionalism or both, with ongoing cuts to training, investment and recruitment.
Alagie Yorro Jallow
New York City

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