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Letters: Which is which in State house driver palaver?

Dear editor,

The diplomatic passport saga has taken a new twist with Mansa Sumareh flatly contradicting a press statement issued by the Department of Press and Public Relations at the State House that he is no longer President Barrow’s, Chief Driver.

In an interview yesterday with King FM, Mr. Sumareh affirmed that he still maintains his title as Chief Driver and that he continues to receive his monthly salary and allowances.

He added that he is yet to receive his letter of dismissal. Sumareh has characterized the whole thing as a set-up and a witch-hunt by his adversaries.

The Director of Press and Public Relations has issued a controversial press release yesterday clarifying that Mr. Sumareh ceased to be the President’s Chief Driver since November 2018, and urged The Standard which carried the story to make a correction to this effect.

While investigations are underway, I would rather not wade in the fray but the fact stands that we have received two conflicting stories, hence we wonder whom to believe.

Therefore, the Police needs to mount a thorough and unbiased investigation into this whole debacle. Someone must be misleading the general public!

Basidia M Drammeh







Sir Dawda and the environment

Dear editor,

The late former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara was a good friend of Eddie Brewer- former Director of then Wildlife Conservation Department and now Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (DPWM).

They are bonded by their mutual love for nature, wildlife and environment.

According to Alpha Omar Jallow- also former Director of DPWM who worked under Eddie Brewer as a junior ranger for many years said he has witnessed many occasions where Sir Dawda and Eddie Brewer goes on fishing trips.

Also Sir Dawda do visit Abuko Nature Reserve during his free times to check on his old friend and of course the chimpanzee at the animal orphanage as seen on this picture attached.

Abuko Nature Reserve is the first Wildlife protected area established in Gambia in 1968 and soon after the 1977 Banjul declaration by Sir Dawda, our second protected area- River Gambia National Park in CRR was established and the chimpanzee at the animal orphanage in Abuko where translocated to the islands to provide better habitat for them as well as help rehabilitate their population.

Later Kiang West National Park, Nuimi National Park, Baobolon Wetland Reserve and Karenti Bird Reserve in Brufut were all established respectively under former President Jawara’s administration.

He was indeed a great environmentalist, who cares for state of environment and declining population of wildlife in Gambia.

I have not met Eddie Brewer in person but through his efforts with support from Sir Dawda, many of us had the opportunity to serve the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management.

On behalf of the Brewer family in Gambia & UK, the families of former and Present Directors of DPWM ( Dr Alimamy Camara, Alpha Omar Jallow and Lamin Kassama) and entire staff of DPWM and on behalf of the chimpanzees, the hippos and monkeys we thank Sir Dawda for his visionary leadership through which our remaining threatened and endangered species of wildlife are being protected in Gambia today.

May Allah forgive the souls of both Sir Dawda & Eddie Brewer.

Your legacy will stay forever! Hopefully some day we will witness the naming of a protected areas to Sir Dawda National Park or Eddie Brewer Nature Reserve

Famara Drammeh
Wildlife and environment expert

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