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Rule of Law

The issue with the Rule of Law is that it does not and should not pick and choose.

The Rule of Law requires that all citizens be treated equally and fairly so that no one will feel discriminated.

The events of July 24th seem to have been treated with some tint of unprofessionalism. The background is that a thirty-three year old Sierra Leonean national by the name of Ousman Darboe was arrested by the Anticrime Unit of the Gambia Police Force for receiving stolen goods.

It was alleged that Ousman was tortured during his long detention at the Anticrime Unit before finally being released.

However, a few days after his release he died.

The death was believed to be as a result of the torture he endured at the hands of the police; though, it was also revealed that he was asthmatic and that might have been the real cause of his untimely demise.

The perception that he died at the hands of the police however spread like wildfire causing some youths at the Serekunda Market, where he worked, to descend on the streets to protest his death.

The protest later turned riotous as the angry youths attacked the headquarters of the Police Anticrime Unit where they had running battles with the police.

Ultimately, it resulted in the burning to the ground of the residence of Mr. Gorgi Mboop, the head of the Anticrime Unit.

The police announced the formation of an investigative panel to probe into the death of Ousman. The panel, we were informed, was made up of officials from all the security agencies in the country.

However, last week, thirty-seven people were arrested, including famous rapper/activist, Killa Ace.

Many cried wolf as they saw that the police were able to arrest these people but have still not been able to reveal any details about the death of Ousman, which according to them, should have been the priority as it is about the death of an individual.

Now, these thirty-seven people have been remanded at the Mile Two Central Prisons pending the next court case which is slated for the 1st of October, 2019.

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