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Mai Fatty warns politicians against dividing people

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The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress Mai Fatty has warned politicians against dividing their own people.
Posting on his Facebook page yesterday, the former Interior Minister said: “A politician who caricatures another tribe, particularly on public podium, represents ignominy of the lowest genre.”
He added: “We must extol nationalism, suppress myopic tendencies and together we as a people shall triumph.”

Mr Fatty warned that Gambians must avoid the “terrible mistakes of the past and eschew the temptation for historical revisionism.
“The Gambia is one country, indivisible. We are Gambians, a proud nation, and compassionate people. Not a Mandinka nation; not a Wollof nation; not a Fula nation; not a Sarahulay nation; not a Jola nation or a Manjago nation. Today’s Gambian is forward looking. We are one people, one nation, indivisible,” he concluded.

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