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Malick Sillah unveils football development plan 2018-2022 “Change and Change with Dignity”

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malick sillah

The greatest strength of communities in Africa lies in its Social Capital, which is the bond or glue that holds society together. In our communities you will find unemployed youths many of whom have not progressed in education because of lack of family resources but who congeal together positively in a passion for football.
That is what brought about Nawettan and community football clubs. Sports particularly football can be one of the most effective tools to bring societies together regardless of political, religious or tribal affiliation. Football has a great potential to unite people and could be used as a medium to create public awareness on social, economic and health issues. Indeed as evident in other countries, football is business, football is an industry and football can provide employment and hope for many across all facets of society.

Given its potential to unite communities and to create employment opportunities for especially our growing youth population, Team Malick will unite efforts with partners to project football as a development priority. Hopefully, this will spur the investment of resources in sports especially football development across the country.

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Governments in all countries are the biggest patrons of all sport especially football. Governments provide the enabling environment for the game to flourish by making available, financial, human and material resources. Conscious of this, Team Malick seeks to forge a cordial working relationship with The Government of The Gambia and Local Government Authorities in our bid to grow the game especially in Infrastructural development and National Teams Sponsorship.

We are aware of the fact that the ultimate aim of football fans and partners in football development is to see the National Team’s play in continental and international championships. This however, has eluded The Gambia for many years now. The Team Malick is positioned to judiciously direct resources towards football decentralization to encourage mass and effective participation of all across the country. This is intended to create a large talent base from which strong national teams could be selected to respectably represent the country. A deliberate engagement of Government, Regional Authorities and international partners would be pursued for the development of infrastructure which is needed for mass participation in football.

We are also aware that The Gambia’s failure to compete for gold on the international stage has been a function of miss placed priorities over the years. Team Malick will ensure that resources meant for football are not only used for football development but that those football development priorities are clearly spelt out and a high degree of financial discipline is employed.
Women and youth football would always be central to our football development agenda. Therefore, relevant women and youth football development programs will be pursued hopefully, by enhancing the Women Leagues and by forging a better working relationship with School Football Association and local football schools.

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Technicians, coaches and referees are the bed rocks of any football development plan. Regular and relevant training packages will be availed to them with a view to ensure high standard professionalism in the execution of their services. Highly trained professional referees would greatly impact the on game. Highly trained and professional coaches on the other hand would serve to nurture talents across the country which is important in our pursuit for excellence in the game.

Our football has been hijacked and we now have to reclaim it and restore the pride of our National Teams. As a result, Team Malick has decided to come on board as credible Gambians to give the game a clear sense of direction. Our involvement in the past with competent and committed people is one of our strengths in helping us provide effective and efficient leadership.

President Statement
Dear Football Family,
My candidature is all about restoring the glory and the winning spirit. The need to unite efforts and to promote fair play is deer to me. The need to accelerate and improve the standard of clubs and the National League through capacity building and financial support to recover what was lost as a result of poor and incompetent management, will be a priority. As we head to the forthcoming election for a new Executive Committee, it is my fervent believe that clubs will accept the fact that neither the clubs nor the national teams have been successful compared to our counterparts in the sub region. My team has the commitment and knowhow and the credibility to keep pace with the developments of the modern game. With the huge financial and other resources required for the growth of the game, my team will put in place the right management processes as well as adapt best practices in order to meet set targets.

We cannot afford to see another decade of retardation and or failures. It is time to take our football forward and ensure that FOOTBALL FOR ALL is guaranteed.
My Executive’s program will be based on Strategic Planning hinged on measured and achievable objectives. We look forward to work with you, to develop an all inclusive and comprehensive development strategy that is cable of bring about the glory we all desire and improve our standing in both FIFA and CAF Rankings.
We will create a platform for youth football competitions to ensure that young people at an early age play football in an organize setting. This will be a ‘Catch them young’ concept.

This concept will focus on two areas namely; School Football and Football Schools (academies). And the objective will be to create a large pool of under 17 players.
We will create avenues of partnership to interested overseas clubs and organizations to invest in building football schools such as the Jambarr project where youths of this country can enroll and learn football at an early age in an organized setting.

My Administration would work towards gaining significant strides for The Gambia in FIFA ranking with a top 100 Nations spot and qualifying to major International Competitions as our ultimate objectives. System processes will be approached with professionalism.
Cost will be put under serious check that is why we will create an Internal Audit Department for system controls. We believe that for the game to develop there has to be good control and monitoring processes.
A Travel Program Report (TPR) will be introduced for all overseas travels to encourage High Performance Work (HPW). Any officer from an official trip will have to submit this report to the executive for evaluation purposes.

Technicians, coaches and referees are among the bed rock of any football development plan. Regular local and international training packages will be availed to them with a view to ensure high standard professionalism in the execution of their services. Highly trained professional referees would greatly impact the on game. Highly trained and professional coaches on the other hand would serve to nurture talents across the country which is important in our pursuit for excellence in the game.

Procurement will also be an area of importance as it adds value to the success of an organisation. All purchases and tenders must comply with best practices. We will ensure monies spent are monies well spent.
My Administration would want to give Football a clear Direction based on best practices implemented by competent people equipped with sound knowledge of the modern game. Our strategic planning will be very aggressive with an all-inclusive national development focus. This will ensure that we keep in pace with modern football developments thus regaining the confidence and trust of Gambians and their full participation in game. What we seek is;
““Change and Change with Dignity”

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