Malik Jones endorses Kamaso for GFF president


Veteran broadcaster and football commentator Malik Jones has announced his endorsement for Sadibou Kamaso , who is aspiring to head Gambia Football Federation in the August national football elections. Jones, a commentator at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, made this announcement on his Facebook page. He added: “As the GFF congress and election looms ahead, I hereby endorse Sadibou Kamaso as next president of the GFF. I am shocked to the core that the present GFF executive could not get us a better venue for our home match against South Sudan. The Independence Stadium is no match compared to the Lat Dior stadium in Thies. The GFF had enough time to rally Government’s support to fix the individual seating requirements as instructed by Caf, fix the change room and toilets but they failed woefully

A good number of Gambians who went to Thies found themselves humiliated and treated with disdain as if they are not neighbours to the country we chose as our compatriots and “Mboka”. Some fans could not access the stadium early and had to be punished by the heat of the sun because of lack of shelter. There was no pre-briefing of fans regarding the situation on the ground. If the GFF failed to meet the CAF requirements before our next home game, they should look for another venue other than Thies. It was an experience that most fans will not want to see repeated. What was wrong to ask Caf to reschedule our game to the following day Sunday the day after Senegal play their match and ask for the same venue from our so-called partners in development? People in Thies did not even patronise our match. Reports indicate that some of the fans stood at the gates and were asking what the score was at the end of the match. I urge all stakeholders in the election process to vote the current GFF out of office.”