Malik Jones gets World Cup job at Qatar Radio

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By Lamin Cham

Veteran broadcaster and football commentator Malik Jones has secured a World Cup assignment with the English section of the directorate of Qatar Radio. The assignment covers the duration of the tournament. Mr Jones would be working at the English Language section of the Qatar Radio which also has French and Urdu sections.

The deal was initiated by Foreign Minister Dr Mamadou Tangara through the Gambian Embassy’s Consul in Qatar, Musa Bah, himself a former journalist with extensive contacts both in the media and diplomatic circles in Qatar.


 “I also wish to thank the Qatar Embassy in Banjul for facilitating travel arrangements at time of immense pressure on visa applications,” Mr Jones told The Standard. He thanked the Directorate of Qatar Media Corporation for the trust in him.

Mr Jones left Banjul yesterday to take up the assignment. This is the second time Jones picked a World Cup job for international media. In 2010, he was among top five African commentators recruited by the BBC to cover the first World Cup hosted on the continent in South Africa.