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Mansakonko Area Council launches solar lighting project

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By Olimatou Coker

Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) in partnership with Unique Group and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) has recently launched the installation of 120 solar streetlights project at MKAC conference hall.

The solar streetlights will be installed in different ward councils within Mansakonko with the objectives of making the streets of Mansakonko safer, creating opportunities for street vendors to be in business for longer hours especially during the night hence increasing business hours and improving the living standards of the community as well as supply power that is environmentally friendly.

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Seedy Lamin Bah, Governor of Lower River Region commended the Council and partners for the project, saying solar energy is very important as it does not negatively impact society and is also efficient and cheap. He added that the project will greatly enhance the lives and livelihood of beneficiaries.

He urged the community to take the project seriously, make best use of it and also ensure its sustainability.

Governor Bah also expressed his readiness to work with Mansakonko Area Council for not only the development of the Council but region at large.

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Landing B. Sanneh, chairman of Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) described the benefits of the project as special owing to the fact that its cuts across all spectrums of society.

Chairman Sanneh added that the project will prove reliable and affordable lights to communities and also provide a conducive environment for street vendors but particularly school going children who go for night studies.

“The future and welfare of our children is our collective responsibility to protect,” he stated, saying the project will contribute towards their safe movement and education.

He assured partners that they will not regret partnering with them as they will put in every effort to protect and sustain the project.

Seedy K. Touray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) described the project as one of its kind and commended his Council for their development initiatives and approvals.

Njaga Ceesay, business development manager for Unique Group said people of Mansakonko deserve to live in safer streets and build higher living standards and therefore the installation of the solar streetlights will also long a long way in fighting crime in the area.

He pointed out that the project will not only boost the living standards of the community but will also contribute to fighting climate change.

Alh. Yaya Jarjusey, chief for Jarra West thanked the Council for the project and urged them to continue their development projects for tax payers. He said the solar streetlights will discourage thieves from stealing natives’ properties.

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