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Many feared drowned in missing Tanji boat


Residents told The Standard that the alarm was raised when crew from the three boats called their colleagues on shore reporting that they were in trouble as they could not navigate their route back to land and were not in position to state their exact location.

“These had frustrated all efforts for a search since no one knows where to start,” one fisherman told The Standard.

However, according to the latest information, two of the boats have since surfaced in Senegal with their crew but there is fear about the third one after a lone fisherman, from the boat, a little boy, was rescued clinging to a net in high seas. “The boy was heard screaming and waving frantically for help by Senegalese fishermen who took him to Jifirr village in Senegal where he was reportedly hospitalised.  A source in Tanji confirmed the rescue of the boy from the missing boat but said nothing is known about   the more than half-a-dozen crew members.


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