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By Lamin Cham Lasana (Dino) Hydara, a Gambian Islamic scholar and marabout, well-known for his prophetic prediction of the 2016 presidential election, has warned President Barrow to avoid pushing the country into chaos, adding that Mr Barrow should open fresh dialogues on the future of the country with all concerned parties, particularly the United Democratic Party. Speaking to The Standard, Hydara who recently recorded an audio message shared on WhatsApp addressing President Barrow, said only the President has the solution to the current petty talks surrounding him and the UDP. “What I foresee is a potential disaster in confrontations and even instability unless Barrow listens and changes his ways. He should quickly sit down, consult and discuss with Lawyer Ousainu Darboe and other officials to iron out their differences,” he said. Hydara said Barrow must return to the UDP and close his ears to bad advisers, who would only push him to work on their selfish agenda and not what is good for him or the country. According to Hydara, President Barrow needs to know that there are many conspiracies to cause instability in the country and unless he takes his stand and remains faithful to the people he worked with to achieve this success for the Gambia, his legacy will be tainted because there will be a potential chaos. He called on Barrow to be grateful to Allah and the Gambian people for the unprecedented groundswell support and goodwill he got from Gambians in the past two years, adding that the president should not do or say anything that will disappoint the people who entrusted the future of the country into his hands. Commenting on the debate about the 3 or 5 years mandate, Hydara said whether or not Barrow would stay for or beyond three years depends on how he conducts himself in office. “I only come to speak my mind because I think as a Muslim, I have a duty to talk to him on what I received as vision to save the society from calamity,” Hydara said. Read his full interview on Bantaba Friday.]]>

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