Max Jallow fondly remembered, one year on


The former National Sports Council executive secretary shocked his multiple admirers when he suddenly passed away hours before catching a flight to Dakar in the morning of May 19th last year on a sports mission.

Throughout his short life, Max made friends wherever he went largely owing to his naturally likeable composure and openness in dealing with society.

Sports was his greatest passion, initiating successful events like the famous Brufut Run and inspiring sportsmen around the country. His tenure at the National Sports Council was marked by great success using both his tenacity and versatility to get national associations toe the line with regard to controversial regulations, thus raising the profile and relevance of that office.


At the time of his death, Sports Minister Alieu Jammeh described Max as irreplaceable. At his home, in Brufut the 2013 edition of the Brufut Marathon Run which he founded was staged in his memory while the town’s sports committee staged a tournament they called The Late Max Jallow Trophy.

With the support of the Brufut diaspora community, the sports committee put D20,000 into the Max Family Fund.

“Max left an indelible mark on our lives here and all spheres of activity in this town and we cannot forget him,” said Ba Jabbie, chairman of the Brufut Sports Committee and the Brufut Run Association. He continued: “He left a young family which we are doing everything possible to support as our pay for this loved hero and we once again called on all who knew him to chip in and make his family smile again.”


By Lamin Cham