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Mentor Hill seeks to inspire humanity with song

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“This song will be touched by many people around the globe and eventually be performed by a major well-known singer or performer someday. My personal commitment is to donate a portion of my theme song royalties to various organisations in Africa and other parts of the world. I wrote the very first-ever international Mentor Theme Song in world history. The song has received both national and international recognition. I also received a letter of praise from the White House from former President George W Bush for writing such an award-winning song for children across the globe. I am hoping that the United Nations would award me with such recognition for this song as well. 

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This inspiring song is the theme song for Pete Delorenzo’s feature film, ‘The Mentor’ which is currently in development. Also this same song will be used in a worldwide documentary entitled, ‘Watering the Fields of Humanity’ which will be produced next year by Adam Greenwell of Green Town Music in New Zealand. I have been a mentor for many years and have mentored hundreds of students when I had worked as community relations officer at Richmond High School in Richmond, California, USA. I also taught a workshop for the high school students in Copyrights and Music Publishing at the high school as well.”


Sammy Hill added:“In 2007, I created and developed the Student Principal of The Year project. It was a program designed for high seniors to perform as School Principal for the whole day. I am a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) and also the Songwriters Guild of America for about fifteen years. My long life dream as a child at the age of ten, I wanted to become a police officer to help people in general and also to become a songwriter, so that I could write inspiring songs for the world. I became a professional songwriter and a police officer in the United States (California). In fact, in 2001, I did my first film as an actor. I played the role of a uniform police officer, and the film is called the Boys Klub which can be found on Netflix. I also played the role of a uniform police Sergeant on the hit television show Nash Bridges starring Don Johnson and Cheech Marin.My Los Angeles co-writer, Dean Andre and I have written a song entitled, ‘We Can Change The World’ for a motion picture film called, ‘Space Camp’, which is currently in development. Dean Andre is the film producer. My long term goal is to donate portion of my music royalties to mentoring, humanitarian and charity programs around the world. I want the world to know about this song, because it means so much for the children”.

According to information on his website, in July ’07, Sammy created and developed the International Student Principal of the Year Program, which is designed for high school students to perform as school principal for a day.

This educational award-winning school program has received both national and international recognition. In fact, he conducted a workshop on this program at the International Mentoring Association Conference in April ’08, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also, officer Danny Harris of the Richmond Police Department created the questions for the oral board interview for this program. In addition, Sammy with the assistance of Sam Lee (Philaburger Restaurant) created the Student Achievement Award for the Richmond High School outstanding students.

Sammy also wrote the first ever international mentor theme song in world history, which became the official theme song for the state of California on April 26, 2000. This inspirational award-winning song is also the theme song for a worldwide documentary entitled, ‘Touched By A Mentor’ by Sara Caldwell, a Los Angeles screenwriter and film producer. This song will also be used in a film called “The Mentor” (pre-production) written by Pete Delorenzo.

Sammy’s success as a lyricist has earned him numerous awards including the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) Songwriter’s Popular Award. This song was endorsed and adopted by Mentors International and the Youth Empowerment Seminar in New Zealand on September 14, 2004. Sammy also received recognition from the White House with a letter of praise from former President George W Bush on September 17, 2002, for writing this Mentor Theme Song, which is dedicated to at-risk youths around the world.


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