Meteoric rise in body builders


Check every street corner in town and you are likely to see a gym flooded with young men lifting or straining their bodies under heavy load. A good number of them are in search of a fit body filled with strong muscles for both health and sports reasons.

But according to Lamin King Colley, the vice President of the Gambia weightlifting, body building and power lifting federation, most men at those gyms are in fact athletes of gyms registered as clubs under the Federation which was revitalized last September under a new management led by Musa Koteh.
“We have over 20 gyms and hundreds of athletes engaged in the different of types discipline under the federation. There is bodybuilding, power lifting and weight lifting. Power lifting for example has three other components such as, squat, bench press and death lifting. .Weight lifting too has Clean and Jerk, as well as snatch,” he said .

According to Mr Colley 17 gyms recently conducted their indoor competitions from which the best ones were selected by their zones to compete in the national championship expected in March. “The three zones are Serekunda East, West and Brikama and we targeting March for the national championship and were hoping to hold it at Sea view hotel,” Colley said.


The Federation VP also called on corporate bodies, companies and sports promoters to sponsor the national championship so as to promote the sport. Potential sponsors can contact