More Covid protocol violators named


Press release, Ministry of Health

Following the first release of names, published on 4th February, 2020, we hereby release the names of those recently arriving travellers who entered the country with a negative test certificate but came from hotspot countries and failed to comply to quarantine procedures and testing upon arrival protocol:

7th February 2021
1) Manyeri Singhateh PC Y407879
2) Saihuna Kabba Drammeh PC PAL181692
3) Jakariyaw Macham Senera PC 349409
4) Alieu Secka PC 348176
5) Ablie Sain PC 533583
6) Saikou Jadama PC 655631
7) Mustapha AW Jallow PC 094221
8) Hagie Camara PC 518686
9) Faburama Jadama PC 667599
10) Jainaba Gaye PC 042175
11) Lamin Ceesay PC 561326
12) Osman Jabbi PC 524619
13) Ebrima Sonko PC 052520
14) Dodou Sisoho Kanteh PC 651098
15) Mamadou Jabbie PC 446770
16) Hagie Sillah PC 550070
17) Mohammad Souso PC 649964
18) Aminata Secka PC 661345
19) Zakaria Conteh PC 630391
20) Fatou Touray PC 464552
The publishing of the following names in the previous missive was done in error. The Ministry of Health apologises to the following people listed below for any embarrassment and inconvenience this might have caused them and their families.

  1. Adama Gassama (EboTown)
  2. Sarah Sophia Swaray (Sukuta)
  3. Lamin Kemba Manjang (Kotu East)
  4. Ismaila Bah(Ebo Town)
  5. Therese Ibrahim (Kololi)

21) Idrisa Kanteh PC 607188
Ensuring data privacy and confidentiality as we battle Covid-19, is of paramount importance to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry therefore assures the public that it will continue to strongly protect each individual’s Covid tests information as long as the protocols and guidelines for Covid cases are adhered to by the individuals.
We thank all those in the previous missive who have reached out and are now acting accordingly. Those yet to report are encouraged to do so.
We advise the general public to call 1025 hotline should they know the whereabouts of any individual on this list, as in collaboration with The Ministry of Justice, charges would be preferred against those apprehended.