NAMs urge NBR to embrace UDP


By Amadou M Jadama

The five National Assembly Members of the United Democratic Party in North Bank Region have challenged the people of NBR especially those in other parties to embrace UDP and partake in this upcoming Local Government election by voting for UDP.

This call was made recently while they were on tour to the seven constituencies in their Region. The NAMs were accompanied by a high powered delegation spearheaded by Mr. Karamo Jadama, the Regional Chairman for UDP of NBR, Yai Compins among other party executives.
According to Karamo, they were sent by their party to reach out to the people in the seven Constituencies in North Bank Region to inform them about the forthcoming Local Government election scheduled for 12 April and the significance of it as well as prepare the ground.


Speaking to hundreds of UDP supporters and sympathies at Kerr Pateh, Njaba Kunda both in the Central Baddibu and NooKunda in the Upper Baddibu in NBR, Honorable Sulayman Saho NAM for Central Baddibu Urged his constituency to rally behind UDP, saying the party emancipated the country.
“UDP is the party that came to unite the Gambians and to develop it; to empower the youth and create a better Gambia. It is a party for all ethnic groups, we see ourselves as one people,” he said.
Saho further disclosed that UDP wants to make sure that the development of the country is decentralized so that every single person in this country has access to development.

According to the chairman, there are 280 councilor seats throughout the country and they intend to win at least 200 seats. He advised people to respect the law and desist from violence.
He gave 2,500 dalasi to the youth of Kerr Pateh, 2,500 to two groups who adopted him as their father in his home town NooKunda and 25, 000 dalasi to the villagers to support themselves for the construction of their mosque.

Kebba AA Jallow, chairperson of youth development committee for NBR Kombo Chapter also called on youth to participate immensely in this forthcoming election.
“We need to take part in development process most especially in elections. We need to participate in voting because it is our right and we should vote for the competent and responsible persons who can solve our problems,” he added.

For his part Honorable Dembo KM Camara NAM for Upper Baddibu advised his people to select the right candidate no matter what tribe the person belongs.
He urged his people to continue to rally behind President Barrow and the UDP.
He promised that most of the constraints raised by his people concerning the roads, water and electricity will be taken care of.

Honorable Alagie Jawara NAM for Lower Baddibou expressed optimism that the people of NBR will always remain loyal to the UDP as it is clearly manifested in the past National Assemble election.
He also called on people to change their attitudes.

The Lower Baddibu NAM further implored people to respect their leaders. “Whether they are in power or not let us respect them, leadership is not an easy task.”
Speaking further Hon Jawara said in this new dispensation everybody has become a journalist giving false information to mislead the public. “Journalism is a profession; let us change our attitudes and leave journalists to do their job and let us be listeners,” he urged.