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The NCP Yaya Sanyang-led faction has blamed Manjanko Samusa, the man they said they have since replaced as leader but who is still clinging to be the legitimate leader, for the party’s suspension by the IEC.
The NCP was suspended by the IEC which urged the feuding parties to put their house in order.
Mr Samusa had earlier objected to the suspension saying that the IEC should have taken note of the fact that the Sanyang camp is a rebel camp who were lawfully expelled from the party.

However in their reaction, the Sanyang camp yesterday shared a write up with The Standard accusing Samusa of arrogance, incompetence among other misdeeds, which they said made the majority of the members have doubts about his leadership.
They further charged that Mr Samusa has been removed from the leadership by the majority of the membership without any dissenting view among the membership at the time.
“However being a skillful manipulator, Samusa managed to canvass and got a few surrogates around him and is now claiming the leadership of the party,” the statement said.

They also accused Samusa of fearing a joint congress of the two factions ‘because he knew the members would have rejected him.’
The Sanyang camp said the IEC cannot be blamed for anything concerning their decision to suspend the NCP because they have given enough warning about the guidelines which the party did not follow.
“In this era of audio and video the two congresses were viewed country wide and there was no doubt as to which one was the proper one compared to the one with empty seats,” the write up said.

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The statement also challenged Samusa to agree to a full and impartial poll of NCP members to decide who is the chosen leader of the party. The Sanyang camp also dismissed Samusa’s claims that he has lawfully expelled the members of his camp, asking how a national mobiliser of a party can expel the national chairman of the same party.
The camp accused Samusa of focusing only on himself and not the party.

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