NCP Reunites Behind Barrow


The Standard has been reliably informed that the feuding factions of the National Convention Party are now working towards a united body.

NCP, which was the biggest opposition in the first Republic and a member of the Coalition 2016, split into two with one led by veteran National Assembly Member Majanko Samusa and the other by Yaya Sanyang.

Both camps held separate congresses with each claiming to be the legitimate NCP.
However, Yaya Nyangadou, treasurer of the Sanyang faction told The Standard that there has been a smooth relationship between members of the two factions of late and the only thing left is to formally get them into one unit through a unifying congress which will be held soon.


He added that both sides are now united in supporting President Barrow’s five-year agenda and are currently attending the president’s Meet the People Tour.

”We are all united behind Barrow and our members now talk with Majanko’s camp. It will not be long before both sides hold a congress to elect a new leadership,” Nyangadou said.
He also clarified that the recent statement by Yaya Sanyang that Barrow should step down after three years is his [Yaya’s] personal view which does not reflect the position of the NCP faction he even leads. “The party is in support of the president’s full five-year mandate as provided by the constitution. I am particularly happy that the president is paying good attention to the plight of the farmers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the national mobiliser of the Sanyang faction, Kantong Kassama yesterday submitted the following statement as the position of the NCP on matter of the president’s term:
“Sequel to the advisory confidential information received and disseminated to many stakeholders, the NCP has come up with this declaration to make the party’s position very clear. The following statements constitute the declaration of intent:
The National Convention Party is part and parcel of the Coalition parties that ushered in the President of the Third Republic under the leadership of H E Adama Barrow. As a Party we remain committed to his leadership and vision of the country.

We are aware of the need for the country to heal and consolidate the peace and stability The Gambia is renown for. We just came out of a political impasse that occurred barely 2-3 years ago after the presidential election of December 2016. Any movement that undermines the State of affairs directly undermines our vulnerability and renders and raises security concerns for the country and its people.

The National Convention Party, cannot be part of this scheme of subverting the stability of Our dear motherland with the acronym, “3years Jotna”. We hold on to the belief that the Constitution of The Gambia has unequivocally stated the tenure of office of the president and it is this time frame that must he upheld. It is stated as Five 5 years in the Law Book and NCP will abide by what is stated. As a party NCP, shall not subscribe to any unlawful action. We remain loyal to the incumbent and the Rule of Law. We have also adequately sensitized our membership to desist and stay away from any protest and we are confident that this advice will be heeded.

Peace and stability in the country is Our primary objective and on no account should this be compromised. We are prepared to support and ally ourselves as a party to any move that is out to maintain and nurture peace.
The Gambia is all we have”.