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NEA discusses GCCP project implementation

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By Aisha Tamba

The National Environment Agency NEA and stakeholders Tuesday hosted a daylong workshop to brainstorm and provide technical advice and support to the development and implementation of activities undertaken by the GCCA Climate Coastal and Marine Zone Project.
The NEA served as liaison between the project and its stakeholders for the purposes of communication and decision-making.
The GCCA project is funded by the European Union (EU) in partnership with the government of The Gambia.
The objective of the project is to support the implementation of recommendations set out in the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Strategic Plans (Jan 2016) and the National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) implementation plan for The Gambia (April 2016).
It also aims to preserve, protect and enhance the status of coastal resources on behalf of all Gambians; including future generations, secure equitable access to opportunities and benefits of coastal resources, and to provide for the coordinated and integrated management of the Coastal Zone by all spheres of government per principles of cooperating governance.
In a statement read on his behalf, the executive director of NEA said most of the problems faced along the coasts emanate from the upland and that research aspect of the project is pertinent in implementing it.
The GCCA technical assistant, Heiko Zailat said the technical working group is dealing with GCCA+ component one which enhances institutional governance enabling planning and implementation of improved climate resilience, adaptation, and mitigation measures in the coastal and marine zones of The Gambia.
GCAA+ project coordinator, Aruna Jobe highlighted the significant achievements registered during the implementation of the first programme.
He said that the project is yet to register a key milestone in the extension of the enactment of the regulations for the integrated coastal zone management with particular reference to the strategic plan.

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