New Gambia Movement launches health project


By Amadou M Jadama

The New Gambia Movement on Saturday launched a new project called Heal the Family Project held at the Serekunda Health Centre.
In the face of the daunting challenges facing the Gambia’s health sector, which range from poor physical facilities, lack of basic in-house necessities like beds and drugs, medical screening facilities, the New Gambia Movement decided to launch this project to facilitate healthcare delivery.

Under this project, the New Gambia Movement will work with hospitals, health centers and international organizations to address the healthcare needs of The Gambia.
Speaking at the launching Dr. Surahata Ceesay, director of health services for New Gambia Movement, said: “Our main mission today is to find out exactly what kind of and how poor facilities they are.
“We talked to the staff to find out the things they are missing in terms of facilities, beds, machines, medical supply and medical equipment.”


According to him, NGM will work with international organisations, charitable organisations, teaching hospitals and some Gambians that are ready to help. “So that we can seek funds, so that we can also work as family. We are doing this for ourselves and not for anyone else because we are all part of The Gambia.”
Pierre Gomez, the national organizing secretary for NGM, said the organization was launched in January and since then they embarked on a lot of activities within the Greater Banjul Area.

“We go out to help the needy with different food stuff. We donated food items to Serekunda mosque, Charitable Sisters in Bakoteh, St. Anthony’s Church in Kololi and during the Ramadan, we renovated a mosque in Brufut.
“We also have sensitization on education component, civic education for citizens to know their rights and responsibilities in the society, especially this new Gambia, so that they can become active citizens.”
Alieu Badou Jobe, who represented Halifa Sallah NAM for Serekunda Constituency, thanked the New Gambia Movement for donating Serekunda Health Centre.

“We are behind your movement because people need these types of movements in this new Gambia.”
Elianna Sambou, head of maternity Serekunda Health Centre, thanked New Gambia Movement for choosing her health centre. “We have lot of problems here and these thermometers you have given to us are very important.
“If you don’t have these materials you cannot detect disease especially fever,” she said.