NPP Banjul supporters ask Barrow to dissolve executive


By Tabora Bojang

Youth and women supporters of the National People’s Party in the capital have asked party leader President Adama Barrow to immediately dissolve the NPP Banjul executive committee.

Addresing a press confrence yesterday, the youths accused the executive of being ‘responsible for the party’s failure to win in the capital. 


The NPP lost Banjul entirely much to the disappointment of the party officials.

Dodou Njie, who claimed to be president of the NPP Youth Bantaba, said Banjulians are still in love with the president but they failed to vote for his candidates due to the ‘corrupt practices’ of the executive committee whom he accused of receiving millions from the president and his ministers and diverted them to their personal interests.

“If President Barrow loves Banjul, then he must change his structures,” he warned

He also attributed NPP candidate Ousman Wadda’s defeat to the executive.

Njie further claimed that NPP-backed PPP candidate Muhammed Ndow lost in Central because he was not the people’s favorite.

“In fact, it is PPP and NPP voters that voted for the independent candidate Abdoulie Njie at the expense of Muhammed Ndow,” he said.

Dodou Njie also attributed the NPP’s defeat in Banjul North to the failure of the executive to equitably distribute the Ramadan gifts donated by the president to the people of Banjul.

“They were selective and used it to sabotage others.”

Njie warned that the president could face a similar fate if these mistakes are not rectified before the mayoral elections.

 “It is the youth and women that are in charge of Banjul and if [Barrow] gave them what they want, they will give him what he wants.”

The group’s coordinator, Haddy Jallow said they will do everything to reclaim Banjul from the wrong hands.

“We have lost a lot of our members to the opposition, not because they don’t like President Barrow but they want this gang of criminals out. Banjulians want to work with people of integrity and if the president does not do anything after Ramadan, we are going to transform this group into the biggest anti-corruption body,” she warned.

The Standard has tried to reach the NPP Banjul executive chairman, Mbaye Gaye but he could not be reached on the phone.