NPP chairman asks Barrow to stay away from APRC


By Amadou Jadama

Sarjo Ceesay, the Upper Fulladu West constituency chairman for the National People’s Party, has urged the president to distance himself from any possible alliance with APRC, saying it will tarnish his image and that of the party.

Mr Ceesay was one-time a supporter of UDP and a victim of APRC government.


Speaking to The Standard on telephone yesterday, he said: “I am calling on Barrow to withdraw his commitment to form a coalition with the APRC. The NPP should be opened to all individual Gambians including those who used to support Jammeh but to work with the APRC as a party is not going to help NPP.”

He said the pain inflicted on Gambians such as himself by the APRC government is still fresh and President Barrow should be the last person to go close to that party. “Any supporter of APRC who wants to join NPP, let them come and join; our doors are open for them.  But I am not in support of forming an alliance with them because they have a bad history. Therefore, I am calling on President Barrow and NPP to be careful before holding coalition talks with the APRC party.

I think the right thing to do is to consider the plight of the victims of the APRC regime before making such a move.  We are victims of the APRC regime, and yet nothing has been done about our victimization, and now you are planning to form a coalition with the party which perpetrated those crimes against us; that would mean ridiculing us.”