NPP KM aspirant asks Mayor Bensouda to resign

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By Omar Bah

An aspiring candidate for the National Peoples Party (NPP) in KM Baboucarr Jeng has called on Mayor Talib Bensouda to resign, adding he will organise a protest if the mayor fails to do so.

“I will write to the Inspector General of Police on Monday to request for permit to protest in case he refuses to resign,” Jeng said.


An environmental activist, Mr Jeng also warned Mr Bensouda not to take his statement lightly.

“This is not a joke,” he told The Standard yesterday.

Jeng said the decision of Mayor Bensouda and colleagues to seek a supreme court order stopping the dissolution of councils and replacing them with interim committees, three months before the elections, and UDP’s opposition to the commission of inquiry have all raised serious doubts over the dealings of the municipal council.

Mr Jeng added that having an interim committee into the councils three months before election gives the government an opportunity to be able to have a clear picture of councils’ dealings.

He said if Mayor Bensouda has nothing to hide, he would have allowed the government to set up an interim committee.

“So, I urge you (Bensouda) to resign for failing the people of KMC and betraying the job entrusted to you. We are disheartened by all the current issues alleged by one of your staff Kemo Fatty who was in-charge of the Bakoteh dumpsite and the matter of CEO Sainabou Martin. All these have made me to come to the conclusion that your administration is trying to hide something because interim committees are not something that is new,” he said.

He alleged that the contractor of most of the council’s contracts is related to one of the senior officials of the council.

Jeng said the council should also tell the people of KM whether the KM Traffic Light Park is own by them or Africell and whether it is generating any funds.