By Lamin Cham

The National Sports Council yesterday confirmed that it has now concluded is investigations into the allegations and complaints filed by some stakeholders in the Serekunda East zone against their leadership and have sent both the findings and recommendations to the KM regional sports committee for action.



Recently, the NSC ordered the executive committee there to freeze all activities until the investigation were completed after allegations against the committee was directly lodged at the NSC by some stakeholders who felt that the KM regional sports committee was unwilling to act on their concerns allegedly because the same persons they are accusing are the leaders of the regional committee too.


According to NSC chairman George Gomez, the findings of the investigations and the recommendation have been forwarded to the KM sports committee, which represent the NSC in the region to act on it. “We believed that within ten days the Serekunda East problems would be solved the regional sports committee and they can resume activities such as the holding of an elective congress,” he told The Standard yesterday.
Meanwhile according to reports from the zone, the complainants have leveled allegations of financial misappropriations and other administtrative lapses against the executive committee.


One observer also said the dispute too has connections with the general football politics. ”It is not coincidental that while the current executive is mostly seen to be opposed to the current leadership of the GFF, those complaining against them are known to be supporters of the GFF leadership,” he added.