NSC urges GFF to lift ban on URR football


Recently, the GFF called for a halt to plans to stage the championship in Basse after two parties fighting to be the legitimate regional football association there announced they would organise separate leagues.

Contacted for comments on this latest directive from the Sports Council and what steps the GFF is going to take, spokesman Buba ‘Star’ Janneh confirmed that they had received the said letter from the NSC over the weekend, ”but the dynamics of things mean that the NSC can only advise when it come to matters like this”. 

“Yes we will take their advice on board but we would always look into the whole thing and decide in the best interest of peace and the youth of the URR. But again we are not surprised here because the NSC has been consistent in pursuing this stance on the URR matters, when we  and other stakeholders have worked on genuine reconciliation among the two parties that would bring everyone on board and bring lasting solution to the impasse,” he concluded.



Author: Lamin Cham