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The National Sports Council NSC, is to pay an official visit to the Fifa provided National Technical Training Centre in Yundum, reliable sources confirmed to The Standard.


According to our sources the visit will take place early next week.
Yesterday, The Standard asked NSC chairman George Gomez about the planned visit and he confirmed that his office has decided to visit the center to see for the first time the facilities and the work done here.” I must however state that our visit is not part of any investigations but just a normal visit to a sports facility by the NSC. We have consulted the GFF about this visit and they have no objection to that being the custodians of the facility,” Mr Gomez said.



The visit comes at time when the center is at the heart of a burning controversy between the Minister of Sports and the GFF over the official explanation of the cost involved in its renovation. It is officially said that some 500, 000 US Dollars, over D20 Million Dalasis, has been spent in the renovation while another 325 ,000 US Dollars or D15 Million Dalasis is said to have been used to buy furniture for the facility. Sports Minister Henry Gomez this week, cast doubts over the figures and called for investigations into the matter allegedly after being briefed by stakeholders opposed to the GFF.


In response GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo fired back to say that the minister is being misinformed and giving that he was supplied with all documents about the center by the GFF he would have done a proper job of it if he has personally engaged the GFF on any matter he wish to discuss rather than using the media to create bad blood.

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