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On Bended Knees

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 By Sheriff Bojang

Hear me, mighty heavens
Winged spirits of the high above
I speak to my God, Most High
Who sent His Messenger
From atop a mountain sylvan
By cavalry and by camelry


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My Lord, You say You hear
The prayer of every supplicant
The King Who never breaks His Promise
I pray for him who in a season bygone,
Freed me from the girt of sin
And yoke of ignorance


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Make his heart soft and dulcet
To be a receptacle of Your light
Speak to Him like You Moses
Give him burnish palaces like You did Dives
Place a diadem on his head like you did Solomon
Make him a favoured wali like Abraham



Never let his brook dry
Or let him sleep in a flood of his tears
Let the clouds of your mercy
Pour their moisture
To water the heart of his soul
Blessed, all the days of his life!



Lord, let him drink
From your river of unstaling water
From your river of fresh milk
From your river of ambrosial water
From your river of nectarous honey
From your river of eternal bounty



Clothe him with the fig leaf of your protection
Never make his shame manifest
Make him a cloak of righteousness
Which he shall wear until the day
His mercury cord is severed
And his dust returns to the ground



My Lord, let him see Your Face
With eyes, pure and wondrous
Let him hear Your Voice
With ears pure and wondrous
Show him Your signs
That he may know You hear his cries



Most High God, bestow on him
The lucidity of mind of Luqman
That quintessence of faith
Give him the patience of Job
Give him the vision of Balaam
And the strength of Samson



Make him like Nimrod
A hunter of hearts
Make him a bard like Naphtali
To utter Your beautiful Names
Make him a warrior like Ali
Whose sword never breaks



Once, you told Your people:
‘Strength I gave a warrior
A young man I exalted
From among his people
His right hand, I shall set over the rivers.’
Make him that young man



Make him a lion
With honour on tongue of truth
Make men follow me
Like the rains trail the wind
Make his soul beautiful to you
Like wild sunflower in bloom



Make your love burn like a furnace
On the tablet of his heart
Owner of the beautiful Names:
Maker of Order, Shaper of Beauty
Inspirer of Faith, Lord of Bounty and Majesty
Everlasting Supreme Owner of Praise and Glory



Lord of the Phoenix and the Scorpius
I Sheriffo Son of Dembo
Chant this, Your psalm, with voice raised
Like a trumpet in the quiet valley
To the beat of the cymbals of my heart
In Your praise, to Your glory.

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