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On Barrow’s 10% salary pledge; a commendable gesture

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Upon arrival from the Brussels donor conference on Gambia during which donors pledged a whopping 1.45 billion Euros to The Gambia, His Excellency President Adama Barrow has also pledged ten percent of his monthly salary towards the implementation of the ambitious National Development Plan.

Regardless of what the president’s salary is, (which we should know by the way) the gesture of giving out ten percent of his monthly pay to the national coffers is a laudable gesture and should be emulated. It is a visionary leadership and we hail the president for that.

The current trend in African politics engenders hope as we see many of the new breed of African leaders showing that they do care about the welfare of their people. Not long ago, we saw the president of Liberia George Weah and Bio of Sierra Leone doing a similar thing. This is indeed worthy of commendation.

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However, pledging ten percent of his salary is one thing, committing to ensuring that whatever amount of money is generated for the National Development Plan is used judiciously is another thing. The president must show leadership in that area as well.

Judicious plans must be put in place to ensure that all and sundry take part in the implementation of the plan. Coming to the pledge that the president was able to garner at the recently concluded International Donor Conference for the Gambia held in Brussels, measures must be put in place to ensure that the money if, and when it comes, is put to the best use.

Additionally, government must endeavor to be more forthcoming in informing the population of the goings-on, especially regarding the national development plan. The citizens deserve to know whatever it is that the government is doing for, and in their name.

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