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One night of Flavour

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I pen this without rancour

 Just straight with candour

 As I sit in this parlour

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 Listening to 

radio with pleasure

 And not under any pressure

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 Cuz it is the time of leisure

 Only an attention 

beyond measure

 Then I heard the 

arrival of Flavour

 To come and give a 

night of flavour

 And I know there will 

be a rush for pleasure

 But relationships 

that have splendour

 At that very juncture

 Will have a fracture

 Cuz the ‘flavour’ is 

not a good structure


Enthusiastic girls on tenterhooks

 While hungry boys 

spreading hooks

 And completely 

forgot their books

 Sure, they are going to enjoy

 But I don’t know if 

it will end with joy

 Three-hundred dalasis 

is the ticket

 I probably never 

had that in pocket

 But others do and will 

pull it from their jacket

 And make girls 

their only target

 As soon as Flavour 

starts his dance

 Which couples 

with his prance

 But please, sisters, 

take this advice

 ‘Your prides have no price’


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