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Opinion:GFF statement misleading

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By Essa Jallow

GFF issued a long and misleading statement about their alleged tax fraud scandal. This is an attempt to hoodwink the neutrals while reassuring their accomplices. In that long statement, GFF actually admitted not paying the tax and amazingly they said it was an oversight and it was paid. My question is when was it paid. What we know is that GFF was informed internally by the former Secretary General that it was GFF’s responsibility to collect the tax on behalf government otherwise GFF would be held liable for the tax. This was written on the 13th June, 2017. Interestingly GFF on that same date 13th June, 2017 instead decided to write to the contractor requesting him to pay the tax to GRA.

Now what sort of administration is that? Even though we are not able to establish which of the two letters was written first, it is clear that GFF got the right advice from the SG. Therefore why did the GFF not ask the contractor to pay them back the money for onward payment to GRA instead. That is if the SG’s advice was written after GFF’s letter to the contractor. If that isn’t the case then why did GFF went ahead and asked the contractor to pay when they had been advised otherwise? The letter written to the contractor was meant to mislead GFF insiders who were not aware of or not part of the deal. The contractor was in fact paid on the 14th June, 2017.

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That means GFF still had the money on the 13th June, 2017 and refused to withhold the tax even after being advised by the SG. We know that the money is still not paid and if GFF is telling us that it was since paid, let them produce the receipt and the withholding tax certificate? Now you can see for yourself what the corruption legends are up to. The contractor should tell us the truth now. Where is your receipt? Blatter was their mentor. Remember he denied corruption in FIFA for many years until he was caught with his pants down. GFF the noose is tightening and we won’t let go.

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