Outgoing GRTS DG to hand over to Acting Deputy


Reliable sources have confirmed to The Standard that the Director General of GRTS Malick Jeng whose contract expired at the beginning of this month, has been asked to hand over to Director of Programmes and Acting Deputy DG Fatou Sanneh, the most senior personel in the management.

The Standard is also privy to a letter from the ministry of information conveying similar information to the DG and relevant authorities and staff.

A source in the ministry said no substantive holder of the position of DG has been appointed yet, explaining also that the current arrangement is in line with procedure. “Once is the contract of the head of an institution expires, he or she should hand over to the next most superior personnel in that institution,” our source said.


Last month, the authorities dramatically rescinded the appointment of Aboubacarr Darboe who was initially appointed by the ministry to succeed Mr Jeng a long-time broadcast journalist.