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PDP Gambia endorses Jonathan’s re-election bid

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The endorsement and the decision of the chapter to support and work for Jonathan were revealed at a press conference held on Friday at the PDP Secretariat in Churchill’s Town, Serekunda.

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Nigeria’s presidential poll will be held on March 28 and will pit Mr Jonathan against former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari.    

The Acting Chairman of PDP Gambia, Mr Felix Oyejide Omotosho, said the decision to endorse Mr Jonathan was informed by the giant political and economic achievements registered in his first five years in power.   

“Goodluck  Jonathan  has done our party proud by not only just sustaining that continued vibrant- people’s oriented leadership that PDP has offered Nigeria and the African continent, but has been able to put an intellectual touch to pragmatic pro-active leadership with paradigmatic human-face approach,” he said. 

“This is informed by his national transformation agenda put in place since year 2010 towards achieving the objective of Vision 2020 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), meant to give a new facelift to Nigeria’s aspirations to join the club of the group of 7 industrialised nations of the world by year 2020-2035. This policy thrust has focussed on major transformation of core economic structures and far-reaching sectoral reforms, going beyond strategic development planning to solid programme  implementation and, economic style centered on empowering the private sector to lead the nation’s drive for an all-inclusive growth.”

The Jonathan administration has come under severe criticism over how it handles the Boko Haram insurgency and endemic corruption but the acting chairman thinks otherwise: “Goodluck has resiliently survived outcries on himself on his soft-spot in handling a national sensitive issue like the North-East insurgency in the country and as well as the gamut of corruption plummeting policy thrusts for reforms and national growth.”

On his part, Patron Samuel Williams said: “Goodluck Jonathan is the best leader Nigeria will ever have.”

After briefing the journalists, a book titled, Nigeria’s Messiahs, written by Joseph Akagha was presented cataloguing some ‘hundred amazing achievements made by the Jonathan administration’.

The author said Mr Jonathan’s administration has come to liberate Nigeria from the hurdles of underdevelopment and corruption to economic prosperity with ‘absolute precision’. 

Also sharing similar views were Alexander Ohanezim, Provost; Samuel Ishaku, youth leader; Christy Omoze Okpoko; president of the Nigerian Women’s Association of The Gambia and Gloria Ogayi.


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