Pignardos vous, from sports to philanthrophism


In the late 1980s, a group of youths mainly from Pignard Street in Banjul made a habit of coming together in societal activities that bind them with a common denominator-the progress and development of Pignard Street. Their conclaves were so popular and growing so fast thus members decided to move the spontaneous but regular meetings in to something more grounded. The Black Cow party On the 16 August 1991, the members of the Pignardos Vous got together to organise the now historic black cow party. On that day at the Parochial hall members slaughtered a black cow used as food for a party that took all night long. “That single event was a watershed in the history for the vous because we tethered the black cow in front of the hall for all to see and know about the party and on the night so many people defied the stormy , windy and heavy down pour of rain to attend. People danced and ate plenty of meat, and symbolically the entire community came together from that historic party,” said Richardson Eku Becks Coker, secretary general of the group. He added: “The party galvanized everyone around a united platform and soon the Pignardos Football club was born. The club played in the Banjul nawettan and was in no time among the top teams in the city’s football league. We used to go to Senegal and received teams from there for friendly matches. The football team helped promote our objectives, spread our message and accorded us more identity.” Pignardos became a formidable force in Banjul football reaching many finals though they were never blessed with the title. The most memorable year was in 2002 when it reached two finals against Eliminite. Philantrophism Today under the presidency of Reverend John Henry Fullah, the Pignardos Vous has metaphorsed to be a strong philanthropic orgnisation with some of its members now settled in Europe and America, which annually raised funds to give to needy and vulnerable groups. Over the last few years, the organization targeted the health sector after years of helping the sports sector. This year, the Vous selected the Children’s Ward of the Edward Francis Francis Teaching Hospitable where they distributed packages of highly nutritional food and other provisions for the patients and their escorts. “The choice this year is influenced by the realization that these people from way places often escorted by people who have no relatives in the Kombo area and so they face every day struggle to make themselves and their patients comfortable. And there is the mothers who have premature babies and are waiting for them to get strong incubators. All these categories need support and that is why we came here to help them”, Reverend Fullah said. The group were received by the Chief Medical Officer Dr Amadou Lamin Samateh who along with Public Relations manager Momodou Lamin Jammeh welcome the Vous and praised them for their gestures.]]>