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PMF Mentors discuss Covid-19 crisis with El Salvador Vice President Felix Ulloa

The Vice President of El Salvador, HE Felix Ulloa was the latest high-profile guest on the Zoom chat of Peaceful Mind Foundation Mentors.


As a common feature during the lockdown because of the pandemic, PMF Mentors often engagesinfluential leaders around the globe to gauge their preparedness and efforts in containing the coronavirus pandemic.


Briefing the audience about the Covid-19 situation in his country on the topic the NEW EL SALVADOR, Vice President Felix said he is actively working with the local authorities, mayors and community leaders to identify the main needs of the people.

“We have two crises. The first is the Covid-19 crisis which is a worldwide crisis but to aggravate the situation, we are also suffering from the damage of the tropical storm which has killed more than 30 people and at least 10 are still missing in our territory. It has destroyed plantations, houses, bridges, roads. It is a huge challenge for us during the reconstruction of the whole society after the pandemic.,” Vice President Felix said


He added: “We have identified in the short and long-term objectives what we need to deal with. Basically, we are preparing in our country, our region for the day after.”


Responding to a question about his desire to join politics after studying law, the Vice President said he still feels a strong link to the academics.


“I want to continue teaching, doing research and publishing and trying to analyse the country situation in our country. As you said, being a lawyer and becoming a politician, I am very concerned about how we can deal with post Covid-19 crisis; not just dealing with the economic aspect of it but creating new rules for the new normal,” Vice President Felix said.


Four other members of the Foundation joined the ever-efficient Prof Nabhit Kapur who chaired the discussions.


Watch the full discussion here:



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