Poetic Xtremez launches new EP


Gambian hip-hop group Poetic Xtremez will launch its much-anticipated new Extended Play on 10 February at the Alliance Française along Kairaba Avenue.
The eight-track EP titled “Dega Dou Heawi” was superbly engineered by different producers abroad and locally.

Starting out in 2000, the rap group came into being when trio rapper, Ayo, Abu Qais and BMG came together with the mission of highlighting burning issues affecting the daily lives of people, especially the “ghetto youths”.
Coming at a time when many rap artistes weren’t quite sure of making gains in hip-hop in the country, Poetic X as widely referred to, went against all odds to prove that hip-hop can be a tool to bring about change in communities.

“We are known for rapping about real life issues and things all Gambians deal with on daily basis one way or the other. So we have songs in the EP talking about our current political situation, another one about fake news and the fact that everyone wants to be a journalist. We also did a couple of ego-trips and a thank-you song for our fans,” Babu Cham, secretary of the group told Standard Lite in an exclusive interview.
The Extended Play, he went on comes on the heels of an album and a mixtape.
“Each of the songs in the Extended Play is directly or indirectly in line with the title of the EP. Over the years we have participated in various projects in and outside The Gambia”.


Renowned for their hot onstage appearances, Poetic X has been solidly fixed at the centre of the country’s hip-hop scene these past years. The rapsters are regarded by many as one of the most respected emcees the country has ever produced.
Following years of rising success, Poetic Xtremez made their breakthrough in 2011 with the release of their debut album Yonbeh Gudone.

The album includes the smash hit Sunu Dekala, a song that talks about corruption, nepotism, deforestation among other negative vices.
Then came another thrilling mixtape titled Lujot Yoomba released in April 2014.
Poetic X over the years has collaborated with a number of artistes and has performed in concerts at international festivals in the Senegambia region.