Police officer testifies against 2 accused of violence, robbery


By Binta A Bah

Prosecutors in the trial of two men accused of robbery with violence and money laundering have tendered a knife and shield used by the suspects while allegedly robbing one Zubairu Abdou Salam, a Mauritanian national in the Lower River Region.

Jerreh Bojang and Biram Gai are facing charges of robbery with violence and money laundering. They are accused of threatening and wounding Zubairu and stole D60,000 and CFA 425,000 equivalent to D38,000.


Prosecutors also accused them of depositing another D100,000 to their personal accounts which are proceeds of the crime. The duo pleaded not guilty.

During Wednesday’s trial a cash amount of D100,000 which was allegedly recovered from the first accused, Jerreh Bojang was also admitted into evidence by the court after his lawyer raised no objection.

The exhibits were tendered through the sixth prosecution witness, Ismaila Tamba, a police officer who informed the court that the said knife and shield was recovered at the scene of the incident in Bureng.

He said Jerreh told him they only used the knife to scare Zubairu.

According to officer Tamba, the first accused Bojang was arrested in his house in Manjai Kunda with the help of the second accused Gai who was the driver of Zubairu.

He testified that Gai was driving Zubairu when Jerreh and another co-accused attacked Zubairu and made away with the cash in the vehicle. The officer informed the court that Jerreh had confessed to investigators that he was given D100,000 from the deposits of the crime from which he saved D90,000 at the GT Bank.

Tamba further told the court that he led the first accused to the said bank to withdraw the money.

Trial continues.