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PPP supports NPP/APRC alliance

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By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the People’s Progressive Party, Kebba Jallow has declared his party supports the alliance between APRC and NPP.

The APRC has announced on Saturday that it has agreed to form an alliance with the NPP at a press conference held at Coco Ocean which triggered a wide range of condemnation from mostly political parties.

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But the PPP leader yesterday said his party has no problem with the alliance, arguing that in the 2017 National Assembly and council elections, the PPP put up candidates throughout the country, half of which were APRC supporters.

“That did not harm us at all, in fact, it boosted us.”.

Mr Jallow added that after all, many strong supporters of APRC are now supporting other parties but no one sees that as a problem. “So why the noise over their alliance with NPP?”

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He said it is not true that the alliance will tarnish the image of President Adama Barrow, adding that the president stands for peace and national cohesion.

“The PPP, which should be the group most offended by the AFPRC-APRC because of the coup in 1994, but we stand for peace and always welcome anything that would bring peace.

The 1981 coup was even far worse than the 1994 coup because hundreds of people were killed, and many people were taken to court and sentenced to death but Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, being tolerant and peaceful, released all the prisoners at given times.”

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