President Barrow wins URR and CRR


By Omar Bah

President Adama Barrow has finally taken control of his native Jimara Constituency after a long period of trying. The president himself personally tried and failed to become MP for the area, losing to current opposition GDC leader Mamma Kandeh. Ever since winning the presidential election in 2016, Barrow had to endure the unpleasant feeling of living under an opposition National Assembly Member in his own backyard. But in last Saturday’s parliamentary elections, Barrow’s NPP won the seat through Ensa Conteh who beat GDC’s Alhagie Sowe.

The NPP also scored a 100 percent mark in URR, winning all the seats in the region and losing only one in neighboring CRR.


The president’s deputy youth adviser, Dodou Sanno, who also comes from Jimara and was crucial in the party’s victory in the area, said the party played its cards well in URR and other places in provincial Gambia.

“We waged a vigorous campaign and it worked out perfectly for us. Before the elections, I pledged to remove GDC’s Alhagie Sowe of Jimara, Omar Ceesay of Niamina East and UDP’s Foday Drammeh from Tumana and I have delivered that. I also assured the party that APRC will win in Jeshwang and achieved that too,” he told The Standard.