Prosecution opens case in 3YJ trial


By Bruce Asemota

Superintendent Jallow of the Kanifing Paramilitary Intervention Unit yesterday testified as a prosecution witness in the criminal trial involving the State against 9 accused persons of 3 Years Jotna executive members before Justice Francis A. Achibonga at the High Court in Banjul.

Spt Jallow testified that he was present with anti-riot PIU officers at Y Junction, which was the designated area for the protesters on the fateful day (26th January 2020).


The witness disclosed that whilst there, he heard some of the protesters saying they were going to Banjul and the State House and make sure that the president is out and that nobody can stop or prevent them.

Spt Jallow told the court that the protesters moved from the designated area at Y Junction to Sting Corner, adding that the whole Sting Corner leading to the highway was blocked, hence preventing vehicles plying from Banjul to Serekunda and vice versa.

He said the protesters were throwing stones and after he made the proclamation, he ordered Inspector Babun Jeng to disperse the protesters with hand canisters.

Spt Jallow told the court that the words he used for the proclamation are as follows: “In the name of the President of the Republic, your gathering is unlawful, I am ordering you to disperse and go for your lawful business and those who fail to comply with the order would be dispersed by force.”

Spt   Jallow testified that after Inspector Jeng used the hand canisters, he observed that everywhere was filled with smoke and when he went round for inspection, he realized that the waiting shade at the GTTI was burnt and there were burning tyres on the road.

Hearing continues.